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slashfest Master List of Requests

Omg some of the challenges really make me go *squee*.


Angelus/William the Bloody: Pre-Buffy, Angelus teaches William what it means to be his child. [Note: Dark, hot, and a little bloodplay please.] [Request by hellgirldeity]

Spike/Angelus: Set during S2 of Buffy, after being freed of his soul, Angelus reconnects with his favorite childe, Spike. [Request by shighola]


William(Spike)/ Dumbledore (HP): 1860s, Dumbledore is in his late twenties exploring the Muggle world for the first time. William is in his late teens. [Request by secondsilk]

Harry Potter

Tom Riddle/Harry Potter: Lord Voldemort (with a more human/Tom Riddle appearance) has captured Harry, and he has more interesting things than killing Harry on his mind. Bottom!Harry. [Request by lady_oneiros]

Bellatrix/Narcissa: Set right after "Spinner's End" in HBP. [Request by absinthe_lust]

James/Sirius: Marauder-era. James is jealous of Remus and Sirius is jealous of Lily, and somehow, the two end up taking a very rough tumble in the hay. [Request by absinthe_lust]

Remus/Regulus: Regulus is using Remus because he's angry with Sirius, Remus is using Regulus because he can't have/doesn't think he can have Sirius. Implied Sirius/Regulus and/or Sirius/Remus is perfectly fine. [Request by xylodemon] [Claimed by sasha_davidovna]

Remus/Regulus: preferably past Remus/Sirius. Regulus is Stubby Boardman. Bittersweet. [Request by sasha_davidovna] [Claimed by sazzlette]

Lord of the Rings

Legolas/Aragorn: Arwen may have been the one to give Aragorn the Evenstar necklace, but Legolas is a prince...and princes are used to getting what they want. Bottom! Aragorn [Request by lady_oneiros]

Spider Man

Peter Parker/Norman Osborn: AU, Norman is not the Goblin, he didn't take the serum. Smutty is good. Peter is still Spider-Man. Another enemy is good, or you can always bring Doc Ock in early. [Request by joanne_c]

Peter Parker/Norman Osborne (movieverse): Norman promotes a friendship between his son and Peter because he's hoping to seduce young Mr. Parker. [Request by jedi_penguin]

Vampire Chronicles

Armand/Louis: Armand tries to make Louis forget about Lestat. [Request by lady_oneiros]

Lestat/Louis: Lestat finds Louis after Claudia's death and convinces him that they would be better together than apart. [Request by Anonymous]

Van Helsing

Gabriel/Dracula: pre-movie, the events leading up to Gabriel cutting off Dracula's finger and taking his ring. [Request by autiotalo]

Can't wait to see the finished challenge fics.

Master List of Requests. Go forth, be inspired, and write. *grin*
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